by claudia . June 1st, 2011

Aurora Percussion is all about getting into rhythm with the cajon!!!

Claudia Chambers

What is a cajon?

This groovy “drum-kit in a box” has its own soul – full of fun and passion. Played with hands or snare drum brushes, a good quality cajon will have a warm bass drum sound with a contrasting snare tone. So think of your favourite music – whether it’s pop, rock, hip hop, soul, jazz, country or whatever – and you can start learning to play along – or make up your own beats and grooves!

Who is the cajon for?

Anyone and everyone! One of the most versatile instruments on the planet. The cajon is for people of all ages and backgrounds no exceptions – who wants to express themselves rhythmically and musically! From complete beginners who would love to learn an instrument, to experienced drummers looking for a less cubersome setup ideal for accoustic settings!

Where can I learn?

You can start your cajon journey with our online learning modules available at We have taken years of teaching and performing experience and combined them together to create these online cajon lessons that will grow your style, technique, rhythm and learning speed like no other.  And with this style of learning comes confidence, fun, connection, creativity and ultimately – your own unique expression though music. Just click to register for your free first module.

We also have our Learn Cajon DVD available from here with all the modules you need  to master the cajon through learning fun and funky rhythms with great technique.

Interested in attending face to face workshops with Claudia? See our Workshops page!

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