Cajon Drum Sales

Cajon – the drumkit in a box!

“It’s always a pleasure dealing with someone who knows their instruments so well and is able to provide a variety to choose from.” Jess Ciampa, Percussionist, Sydney.

How do I know which cajon to buy?

Thinking about buying a cajon can be a bit daunting – so many choices and how to make the right decision? As with guitars, there are many factors which contribute to a fine quality instrument, from the acoustics of the interior, to the type of wood used, to the quality of workmanship.

We have been dealing with two of the world’s leading cajon manufacturers since 2002  - Requena Percussion, from Andalusia, Spain, and Schlagwerk Percussion from Germany. Both are small artisan percussion companies specialising in creating handcrafted cajons made from the finest European woods. They have worked closely with musicians over the years to refine and develop the cajons so that they provide the sound tone and quality that people are looking for in a cajon, at a reasonable pricepoint.

You can visit our carefully selected cajon drum range or contact Claudia directly to discuss what you are looking for.

What guarantee is there for me?

As an experienced cajon player, and percussionist, Claudia personally tests every single cajon before sending it to you, and will not send on any cajon which she is not 100% happy with. All cajons come with a 12 month warranty.


“I am very happy with my purchase of Schlagwerk CP 404 “2inOne” – Large Snare Cajon and bag from Aurora Percussion. The product is great and dealing with Claudia has been a pleasure for me as I found her to be an honest and very customer focused business woman. Thanks Claudia!”

Jeffrey Goh, Melbourne

“I love the simplicity of the Requena Student Cajon – a boomy, solid base, clear tones and heaps of fun to play. It is the first cajon I’ve ever used and I’m very happy with it. I can recommend it to beginners and those on a budget. Claudia recommended it to me and I’m so glad she did.”

Vanessa Hilton, Brisbane

I love my red Requena cajon! The high quality workmanship, striking colour and dramatic sound make it a beat-box with beauty. Thanks so much for bringing the power of cajon into my life.”

Annalise Friend (Slapsista),  ”happy box beater”, Wollongong

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Javier Mera “Katumba” playing Requena Professional Series 1 Cajon (black)